Judy Maynard, Glass Artist

Artist statement: “I have always had art in my life, growing up with a very talented artistic surrounding in the family. It was no surprise when I fell in love with creating my own art and decided to work full time as an artist. I began working in glass and getting obsessed with this medium. I was lucky enough to become a working stained glass artist and make a living at it while having a studio gallery to play in. As years went on, I realized the physical toxicity of this work and decided it was time to recreate my work with a new twist. The result is creating unique mosaics using both glass and paper. Developing my own style with recycled articles has been a joy and unique experience. I now teach workshops and have been involved with wonderful art installations using these processes as well as creating one-of-a-kind works. I love the creativity these mediums allow for me to think outside the box and try new ways to show art. “